Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK, so life is a little crazy in Carol's Corner right now.
We are moving.
Closing at 9:00 this morning.
We get the keys at 6 on Sunday night.
My teenagers are being teenager-ish.
About helping.
One son has packed his room.
And as far as he is concerned
he is done packing.
The other one,
well, let's just say,
does anyone have a bulldozer
we could borrow
for a week or two?

And me.
I do so admire
people who are organized
And I do so wish
that I was one of those people.
And I was a teeny bit insulted
When one of my sons
said I kind of reminded him
of one of those hoarder show people.

And Son #1 got his driver's permit last week
And wants to drive everywhere.
And he's doing a great job.
Really he is.
But it's still just
a teeny bit stressful.

OK, and in the midst of all of this craziness,
when I should be packing boxes
Or at least looking for more boxes
so I could pack them
(if anyone has some spare boxes, call me, and I will come and get them!)
I am perusing the web.

And this week,
I found a new blog,
by middle grade authors and teachers
about middle grade readers.
Not sure why,
But those are always the hardest books for me to find.
I read tons of great picture books.
And lots of great YA stuff.
But I struggle
to find great middle grade novels.
So I'm thrilled to find a new blog.
And it's even named
after one of my all time favorite books.
(Right now I would like to live in a museum.
Because it would be clean
And you could find things.
And there are probably boxes in the basement).
Book reviews. Author interviews. Fun giveaways. Check it out.

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