Saturday, August 8, 2009


OK, so I'm interrupting my blog to do a bit of what can only be described as shameless commercial promotion for my two readers from Colorado. My boys (see above, aren't they handsome, even if they won't smile for pictures!!!!) started football at East last week, so besides being chief cook (anyone who knows me knows me very well knows that there is actually not much of that), bottle washer, and chauffeur (lots of that), I have also been thrust into the role of family fundraiser. The team is not selling gift wrap, or stale chocolate, or butterbraids that expand and take over your trunk if you forget about them (not that anyone would ever do that, but just in case…). Instead we are selling "Adrenaline Discount Cards." The cards cost $20 and have lots of 2 for 1 and discounts, e.g.
  • Black Eyed Pea- buy two dinners, get a free appetizer or dessert
  • Black Jack Pizza- buy one large pizza and cinnabread, get a large pizza free
  • Carl's Junior- Buy one sandwich and drink, get another of the same sandwich for free
  • Domino's- Buy one large two topping pizza, get a second medium one topping pizza for free
  • Fat Burger- Buy one Big Fat Deal and get a free baby fat burger
  • Joe's Crab Shack- free appetizer with a purchase of an entree
  • Johnny Rocket- free burger with the purcase of a double burger and fries
  • LePeep- Free entree with purchase of one entree and two beverages (not good on Sundays)
  • Popeye's- free three piece combo with purchase of a three piece combo
  • Subway- free six inch sub with purchase of six inch sub and large drink
  • Sonic- Free Sonic burger with purchase of Sonic burger
  • Texas Roadhouse- free baby blossom with purchase of two entrees
  • KFC- 10 percent off
  • Jiffy Lube- $5 off signature service
  • Grease Monkey- $5 off full service oil change
  • Best Buy- $2 off of any regular priced CD, DVD, video game or computer software
  • Brunswick Zone $1.99 per game.
To the best of my understanding, these discounts can be used any time you go to these places any time between now and August 2010. The card also includes three one time offers- $5 off a $25 purchase at TGI Friday, six wings with the purchase or 12 at Buffalo Wild Wings, and a 2 for 1 adult lift ticket at Loveland. We have to sell 20 of these (ten for each son) by next Saturday, so if anyone is interested, drop me an email or call or leave a comment here. Otherwise, wave when you go by the corner of Colfax and Colorado because I may set up a little booth to sell them there.

OK, now back to the real stuff.

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Laura Lynn Benson said...

I will put a check into the mail for this, CW.
Love you all,