Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is the first day of school- my favorite day of the year. So much promise! Yesterday I was working in the kindergarten classroom, helping Mr. E. set up his classroom library. Mr. E has taught for about ten years, but he has always taught intermediate grades. This year, he is going to hang out with the five-year-olds. One of his former students brought her little brother, who is going to be in E's class, to meet him.

Mr. E has a ladybug puppet on one hand and a bumble bee on the other. He takes T over to the basket of beginning of school reads, hands him the bumblebee, and says, in a Mrs. Doubtfire-ish kind of voice, " T, what book do you think we should read first?"

T: I'm a bumblebee. I don't read books. I like to sting people!

At this point, I start to laugh, and have to duck down behind the bookcase. E is much more composed than I am.

E (still speaking through the ladybug puppet): I don't like my friends to hurt me.

T (gets that really serious thinking face that five year olds are famous for): OK, I'll just be a friend who reads books with you.

It's going to be a magical year. I can't wait for school to start!


Laura Lynn Benson said...

What a joyful launch to the new year! Hey, aren't bees the mascot of our book club? :) xoxoxoxoxo

Mary Lee said...

Happy Beginning of the School Year! (best holiday ever!!) Ours come tomorrow. Can't wait! (Well, really I can because I'm not quite ready, but that's what this work day is for, right???)


Happy, Happy!!!