Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok, so the Newbery and Caledecott Awards were announced today, and I failed dismally this year. I have not read either award winner, nor have I read ANY of the Honor books. YIKES! 

This sounds like one my boys might like, so maybe we'll do it as a family read aloud.

Newbery Honor Books
After Tupac and D Foster- Jacqueline Woodson
Jacqueline Woodson is one of my all-time favorite authors. I haven't read this one though…

Savvy- Ingrid Law
I didn't know, until today, that Ingrid Law is a Colorado author. Our school library has this one, I gotta get reading…

The Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom- Margarita Engel
I haven't even seen this one. 

The Underneath- Kathi Appelt
I started this book. The writing is absolutely beautiful. I didn't, however, love the book- I really don't like animal fantasy, and as far as I got, it was pretty sad. Maybe I'll go back and try it again, though…

The House in the Night-
written by Susan Marie Swanson and illustrated by Beth Krommes
I've never heard of this book. I looked at it online tonight, though, and it looks beautiful.  

A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever- Marla Frazee- 
I love the CLEMENTINE series, but I have not read this one. 
How I Learned Geography- Uri Shulevitz
Haven't read it or even read about it.
A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams
I've been meaning to get hold of this one- does that count?

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Laura Lynn Benson said...

Thoughts from Frankfurt, Germany...
I feel exactly the same! Wow, I am soooo behind - and we both LOVE children's literature. We need an 84 hour a day clock, right? Sending you alps :) of love xoxo, my treasured book buddy!