Sunday, August 3, 2008


About a week ago, I was hugely honored (maybe flabbergasted is a better description) when Mary Lee chose Carol W's Corner for the Arte y Pico award.

On their blog, the creators of this award describe Arte y Pico as "Lo Maximo." They say "this phrase will never find their counterpart in English, but if it did, it would mean something like, 'Wow. The Best Art. Over the Top.'"

The idea is that you then choose five other blogs that you think are deserving of this honor and present them with this award.

I haven't responded on my blog yet. Here's why…

I AM A BIG, FAT CHICKEN!!!!!!!  And an amateur!!!! It feels way, way, way presumptuous to ask five other people who are way more famous and way more expert at blogging to respond to my very feeble efforts. 

If I was brave enough to choose, though, here are some bloggers I would recognize (several have already gotten the award). I would also love to meet these people for coffee!!!!

1) Franki and Mary Lee ( they know the best, best, best new children's books. And Mary Lee is originally from Colorado. And she has been so very kind in helping me get my blog up and running.

2) Cynthia Lord- I loved, loved, loved RULES and can't wait for her second novel to come out. I read this blog every single day, and every single day I am totally blown away by the writing, and also by the grateful and gracious way in which Cindy (it even feels presumptuous to call her by her first name!)  seems to live. One of my most recent favorite posts was when Cindy wrote about playing Pooh Sticks when she and her daughter visited the college her daughter will attend this fall. I also love Cindy's husband's beautiful photography.

3) Barb O'Connor- Another one of my writing heros. My first read aloud this year will be HOW TO STEAL A DOG. I especially love her Tuesday posts when she gives advice to writers. 

4) Two Writing Teachers- another blog I read and learn from every single day. Stacy and Ruth seem to teach so artfully and so brilliantly. I would also love to share stories with Ruth about her family, because I think we'd have a lot in common.

5) The Boy Reader- Kyle and I taught together for five years, and started our blogs at about the same time. Kyle is one of the most well-read and versatile readers that I know. He also teaches with more joy and more laughter than anyone I have ever known. 

6) Finally, I have to share Jazz Theologian. This blog is by my pastor, Robert Gelinas. Robert is an amazing man, a follower of Christ, a Bible scholar, a father of six (five adopted), someone totally committed to living his faith in the world. He is also passionate about jazz, and has a book coming out in the next year. Robert often has interesting links to other posts. He always makes me think about my faith. 


Barbara O'Connor said...

Wow, Carol! I'm honored. Thank you so much!!

Mary Lee said...

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and JUMP! (Kind of like starting a blog, eh?)