Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check out THIS website!!!!

Just spent an hour doing homework with my ninth grade son. He has a packet (probably the first of 36, but who's counting!) that he has to complete by next Wednesday. This first packet was mostly test prep stuff, editing sentences and paragraphs, reading short passages and answering questions, etc. Isaiah's been doing about two pages a night, and only has a couple of more to go before Wednesday. I've decided it's a lot harder to edit those editing exercises than it is to edit my own writing! One of the pages Isaiah still has to do is a writing prompt, "Write about the most serious problem you think will face your generation as adults." I can't wait to see what he writes. 

Anyway, I got done, and came upstairs to get my computer so that I could do my work for school for tomorrow. Checked my favorite teacher blog, A Year of Reading, and discovered that Kelly Gallagher, one of my hero of the world high school teachers has a new website! So then of course I had to hop over there and check that out. My favorite section was the RESOURCES section. Gallagher assigns kids weekly articles, real articles, that actually come from newspapers and magazines. The kids have to read them, annotate their thinking, then write some kind of response. I'd love to help with homework like that! Gallagher also has a list of the books his high school book club read. I had only read a few of those and can't wait to share the list with my book club!

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Mary Lee said...

Can't wait to hear how you manage to slip a mention of Gallagher's website to Isaiah's teacher!