Saturday, November 17, 2018


SHAKING THINGS UP is not brand new. It actually came out in January. Franki Sibberson, (who is currently presiding over what sounds like a fabulous NCTE conference, if all of the tweets coming out of Houston are the least bit reliable), reviewed the book in January.  (I thought Mary Lee also reviewed it, but I didn't find that on their blog.

The book includes poems about 14 different girls and women- some very well known:

  • Nellie Bly
  • Friday Kahlo
  • Ruby Bridges 
  • Mae Jemison
  • Malala; 

some kind of well-known:

  • Annette Kellerman, inventor of the modern swimming suit
  • Pure Belpre- Children's Author and first Latina librarian at the New York Public Library
  • Frances Mary Lappe- hunger activist and author of DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET
and some not known very well-known, at least not to me:

  • Molly Williams, the first woman Fire fighter in the United States
  • Jacqueline and Eileen Nearne (French Undercover agents during WW2)
  • Angela Zhang- Scientist and Cancer Researcher

Each two- page spread includes an illustration by a different author (Sophie Blackall, LeUyen Pham, and Melissa Sweet are three of my favorites), and a short biography. Each spread also includes  quotes from that person, embedded in the illustration.

  • Nellie Bly- If you want to do it, you can do it, The question is, do you want to do it?"
  • Frances Moore Lappe- Every choice we make can be a celebration of the world we want.
  • Mae Jemison- Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations
  • Malala- There's a moment where you have to choose whether to be silent or to stand up. 
The book also includes a timeline, a gorgeous table of contents, an author's note, and then a short bibliography and list of resources about each person.

A whole lot to love about this book!


Linda B said...

I enjoyed this book very much, Carol. It would be so nice for every classroom to share it!

author amok said...

I missed this book when it came out, but it looks like a wonderful collective biography. Will check it out!