Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Tomorrow, I am triple booked.


Before noon.

We have faculty meeting tomorrow at 7:15.

Like we do every Wednesday.

Except my principal retired midyear and we kind of haven't had regular meetings for the past few weeks. So this morning, when someone asked me if I could attend another meeting, I said sure, I could come.

And then I found out we really are having a faculty meeting.

An then I also remembered I had said I would help with playground coverage, because we are doing teacher appreciation this week. And tomorrow morning we are having a breakfast for the paras.

Except the paras do morning recess duty. So the leadership team offered to cover the duty.

And I'm on the leadership team.

So now I'm triple booked.

Before 8 a.m.

And then again at 10. I have a regularly scheduled meeting at 10:10 on Wednesdays.

And I'm supposed to be testing kindergarteners, which is taking way, way, way longer than I hoped it would.

And then my new principal emailed and I told him sure, I could meet at 10:30.

So I'm triple booked twice.

Before lunch.

I really hate this time of year.


Fran Haley said...

This could be a slice of my own life! Sending you an extra dose of strength and stamina today.

Readingteachsu said...

I know how you feel. Hope that worked out. My calendar is full and my to-do list is growing. Sunshine would help this.

Linda B said...

Ugh! May indeed is hard. I hope by now you've threaded through the mess & are taking only ONE thing at a time!