Saturday, August 13, 2016


Super, super, super late to this party, and I don't even really have a theme, but I still don't want to miss out completely. These are just books that I am looking forward to sharing with kids when we go back next week. 

My guys would have appreciated this book about all different kinds of families when they were little!

Love this new book about the names. I'm delighted to have another book to pair with Kevin Henkes' CHRYSANTHEMUM!

Ian is a rule follower. His big sister Jenny is not (and she is a pincher besides!). The family goes to a cabin in the woods, where they are instructed not to open a specific door. Jenny opens it anyway and lets a whole group of monsters into the house. Ian is faced with the difficult dilemma of whether he should save his sister. 

A perfect beginning of the year (and maybe later too) about friends who fight, but then also care enough about each other to make up! 

A fun fairy tale adaptation for my dual language school!

Terrific mentor text for little guys just learning to write informative texts!

A little girl desperately misses her mom, who is in jail for violating immigration laws. After one particularly difficult visit, her mom starts sending tape recordings of bedtime stories. So many of my kiddos will connect to this book.

A picture book biography, told in first person, about Maria Tharp, the woman who mapped the ocean floor. Talk about growth mindset- phew!

Another biography- this is about Edith Houghton, a ten-year-old girl who played on a women's professional baseball team.

Gotta have at least one poetry picture book!


Mary Lee said...

Love those strong woman biographies!

Add these to your set of books about names:

The Name Jar
My Name is Sangoel
My Name is Bilal
My Name is Elizabeth
My Name is Not Alexander
My Name is Not Isabella

Tammy Flanders said...

Flutter and Hum looks intriguing and beautiful. Thanks for your recommendations.
Apples with Many Seeds

Karen Szymusiak said...

Great list! I especially love The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea. I have a grandson who is fascinated with the angler fish. He has several plush anglers and dressed up as an angler fish for Halloween! Will definitely look for the book and share with him. Thanks, Carol.