Friday, May 27, 2016


Earlier this week, on Field Day. EK is on the left.
I'm not writing much right now, but the first graders at my school sure are! They are doing a poetry unit, and every time I walk through their classroom, I get to hear a little poetry. Today I'm featuring the work of EK, one of our seven year old poets. Please notice the influence of Langston Hughes'  "April Rain Song" in the last line of each of her poems. 


Marshmallows are like 
a soft comfy pillow.

It makes your mouth 
feel like love.

They make me laugh 
inside my belly.

You can feel the warmth of fire
after you taste it.

And I love marshmallows.

-  EK

Flowers are like a beautiful butterfly
Their petals are like a velvet pillow.
They are like a fairy house,
Their seeds are as cute as baby hedgehogs,
And I love flowers!



I can hear the rain
tapping on my shoulder to get my attention
I can hear the rain singing
with the rustling leaves 
and the wind,

And I can hear it crying
when it has to let the sun out,

And the sun has a bright juicy smile. 

- EK


Linda B said...

They're all quite lovely, Carol. I enjoyed her ideas of each topic, but somehow this line touched me: "And I can hear it crying
when it has to let the sun out," Fun to hear about the poetry going on. Miss your posts!

Ramona said...

Extraordinary young poet and how fun to see the influence of Langston Hughes in her words! My favorite line - "They (marshmallows) make me laugh inside my belly."

Sally Murphy said...

Lovely! These poems left me with "bright juicy smile"

Brenda at FriendlyFairyTales said...

I have a "bright juicy smile" from reading those luscious poems. And I like poems!

Carol Varsalona said...

Carol, I just love the voices of children and EK's Flower poem is just the right one for my Spring's Seeds Gallery. May I use it?
I would love to have a poem from you as well. Let me know via DM or email, cvarsalona at gmail. Thanks.

Mary Lee said...

Very fun!!

Penny Parker Klostermann said...

What talented 1st grade poets! I loved reading their work.

Tabatha said...

Wonderful!! I love the rain "tapping on my shoulder to get my attention." She has a delicious way with words!

Unknown said...

School is out and I am finally reading the fun comments about my student's poetry! Thank you, Carol for all of your help and guidance during our poetry unit! You are the best!