Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Me, Terri, Laura, Brenna, and Karen
Today is a happysad kind of day.

It's a happy day because my book club is getting together.

Book club. My home girls. 

We'll meet at the Botanic Gardens. Grab a bite to eat. Tour the Chihuly Glass Exhibit, first in daylight and then later, we hope, if it doesn't rain, after it gets dark.

We are all bringing book titles. We'll choose a few books and set dates for the next few months (and no, we are not one of those formal book clubs that chooses books a year in advance and meets on the first Tuesday of every month). 

We'll probably talk about books. We have been meaning to talk about the INVENTION OF WINGS for the last three months.

We'll talk about aging parents. A friend who is going through a yucky divorce. The miracle that occurred last week when my rental property sold last Friday after less than 24 hours on the market.

There will probably be wine. A little. There usually is.

There will be laughter. A lot. There usually is.

And there will be connection. A whole lot. There always is.

But it will be a sad day too.

It's a sad day because today we are getting together to say goodbye to our dear, dear friend, and fellow book sister Laura. Laura leaves on Friday. She is headed to Shekou, close to Hong Kong, where she will take on a new job as director of curriculum and professional development for International School Services.  

And she will be gone for about two years.

She'll come back once in a while to see her husband, who is staying here. But she can only be in the United States 35 days in the next year.

And I'll miss her like crazy.

Laura is my biggest cheerleader. She's one of those people who still sends cards. Once or twice a month, or if stuff is hard, once or twice a week. She's walked with me through job issues, and offspring issues, and my mom's health issues. Really just about any issue in the last twenty plus years.

Laura is one of those amazing people who throws parties that look like they are straight out of a magazine.  A Santa Lucia smorgasboard at Christmas. A barbeque, complete with red, white, and blue everything for Fourth of July. Birthday dinners. "Just come over, Carol, because I love to cook," parties.

Laura is my favorite movie friend. And coffee friend. And ice cream friend. In fact, when it boils right down to it, Laura is just about my favorite everything kind of friend.

And on Friday, she is leaving for a very long time.

I'm happy for Laura because this is a job she really wanted.

And I'm sad for me, because I will really, really miss her.

Today is a happysad kind of day. 


Ramona said...

Sad that you have to say goodbye to such a good friend. Two years is a long time, but you guys should include her in a book club using google chat. Don't know if it works internationally, but I bet it does. It's how our virtual book club meets.
Enjoy the wine, laughter, and connection before you say goodbye.
So happy for your own miracle last week! Woo Hoo!!!

Penny Jansen said...

Now you have two reasons to visit SE Asia and Hong Kong is central to everything!! On the bright side, you sold your house!!!!

Jennifer Sniadecki said...

Oh, you're going to miss your friend! But what a great opportunity! Have fun and keep in touch -- modern technology is wonderful for enabling relationships to continue.

Kristi Lonheim said...

That is a happy/sad day. She says 'two years' now, but *warning* the overseas life is pretty great!

Linda B said...

Sorry for the sadness. As we know from all that happens, change, even for good, is not easy. I hope you all had a wonderful day together today. Your friend Laura sounds very special, & that also sounds like an awesome job! Congrats on the house sale. Things are booming here I guess.

Beverley Baird said...

Happysad indeed. So challenging to have to say goodbye. Skype, google and emails are not the same but will give a bit of connection. Treasuring our friendships is so necessary.

Mary Lee said...

Sorry for the sad part of your day and for the emptiness of your next couple of years.

Jone said...

Don't you hate when good friends say good-bye for a while? Using google chat is a great idea. Hope your day was filled with all kinds of special goodness. Your bookclub reminds me of mine.

LynnG said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your friend. I have to agree that you can make connections via Skype and other such apps to help bridge the gap and have some great conversations! I'm glad you had a great time together before she left.

Tabatha said...

Congratulations on your sale, Carol, and a hug for the space your friend is leaving.

Behind the Mist Trilogy said...

Dear Carol, I am sorry that your friend is moving. I know the feeling. On a happier note, I am the author of several middle-grade fantasies. My most recent release, "North Mystic," is an allegory of the revolutionary war but with trolls and leprechauns! It was just awarded first place in the Purple Dragonfly awards for outstanding children's literature. My publisher is releasing the final book of The Mist Trilogy in August. It is titled "The Rising Mist." I am wondering if you would be willing to read and review it on your blog. If so, I will send you a copy. Sincerely, M.J. Evans