Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's Monday, What Are you Reading?

After 61 consecutive days of posting, I've now gone 18 days without posting. No excuse, really, just that end of school year craziness. Because of that, I haven't been reading much.  I have, however, been listening to books (reading by ear?) as I drive back and forth to my mom's facility in Colorado Springs. Here are a couple that I have enjoyed:


Ok, so anyone who knows me very well knows I am a total fan of dog books. This book, by Cynthia Kadohata, chronicles the relationship of a service dog and his handler in Vietnam. I cried when I listened to the first chapter and I cried when I listened to the last chapter.  A really terrific story!

I've been trying to expand my middle school horizons. Libba Bray's Beauty Queens is kind of a Miss America meets Survivor theme. Laugh out loud funny in some parts, lots of room, I think, for really rich discussions. I probably wouldn't take this below eighth or ninth grade.

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Linda B said...

Hi Carol, I know about both of these, but still haven't gotten to them. Maybe someday. Hope you, and then your mom, are doing okay. Glad to see you back sharing a little!