Monday, December 17, 2012

A Prayer for Today

Rev. Rob Mossis, vicar of Christ the King Lutheran Church, 
at Sunday night's prayer vigil in Connecticut:

"We bring to you 20 new stars in the heavens, 
20 new saints, 
20 new angels. 

We bring to you 
those who risk their lives for us everyday not counting the cost, 
and we bring to you those who died, 
those who counsel,
 those who bless and embrace 
the confused and the broken. 

And now in this prayer, 
we bring to you ourselves, 
our questions, 
our doubts, 
our anger and our hearts, 
and we pray for the peace, 
the hope and the renewal of trust 
that can come only from a God 
who first conceived us in love 
and places a hand of compassion 
on each of our shoulders 
even in the most trying times. 

And so tonight for our community (and our country), 
a community (and a country) deeply pained, 
we ask you to heal our brokenness, 
to answer our questions, 
to replace our doubts with certainty, 
our anger with peace 
and our hurt with and healing…"

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