Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nighttime Ninja- Barbara DaCosta, illustrated by Ed Young

Met a teacher friend at Tattered Cover for coffee this morning. After we were done working, of course I had to go downstairs to the children's department. On the "Tattered Cover recommends…" shelves, I came across NIGHTTIME NINJA. The book is done in one of my favorite illustration genres, collage, and the artwork is  by Ed Young, who is one of my favorite illustrators. So of course I had to sit down and read it immediately.

The text in this book is sparse- never more than one or two lines per page. When the book begins, the clock has just struck midnight, and "nighttime ninja creeps through the house." We follow his  journey through a series of collages  made of cloth, string, paper, all the time wondering, "Who is the mysterious ninja creeping through the house?"

Of course this question is answered at the end. 

Another Caldecott possibility???

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