Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sunday Update:   The 2 US-born children are safely in the arms of their parents at a hotel. They have suffered severe trauma and need God's peace. Praise for their release, but continued prayers for them please. The 4 Ghana-born children are still in the custody of the government orphanage. They are not together and are suffering greatly. Pray for their protection and for them to be guarded against the trauma. The youngest child, a 2yo girl, has a fever and they are fearing malaria. Pray for healing and comfort of her tiny body and for all the children to be back in their parents' arms no later than Monday morning! There will be some sort of court proceeding on Monday. Pray for the powers that be to find favor and dismiss this case entirely! Pray that the Ghanaian officials will hand over the case to the US Embassy for their (already in process) investigation and for US Dept of Homeland Security to expedite processing in order to allow this family to travel HOME together in the coming week. It IS possible, but we need the entire Body of Christ rising together for this cause! Please, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING for this family!!!

Later Update: Sol and Christine are out of jail on bail, as are their two biological children. They are released to the custody of the US Embassy, and will have another court appearance on Monday. Pray for emotional healing for the family, who is pretty traumatized, and their physical health, and also that somehow Almighty God would intervene in allowing the other four kids to return to the US with them. 

Update: Thanks to everyone who is praying 
or has enlisted others to pray.
It looks like Chris and Sol and their biological children 
will be freed soon. 
Please continue to pray that the entire family can be freed 
and on their way to begin their new life together really soon!

People who know me at all know that I adopted my boys from Denver Human Services.

People who know me well know that my faith played a huge role in the adoption.
I follow many adoption blogs.
This morning, from one of those blogs, A Place Called Simplicity
I was made aware of a really difficult situation in Ghana.

A family of four traveled- parents are named Christine and Sol, 
they have two little boys, ages 7 and 3.5-
traveled to Ghana to adopt a sibling group of four children.
You can see a link of the family talking about adoption here. 

Somehow, Christine and Sol were accused of child trafficking and thrown in jail.
Their two biological children, 
as well as the four children they are planning to adopt
are currently in an orphanage. 

Because it is a weekend, the American Embassy will not do anything until Monday.
Please pray, and ask others to pray 
that God's hand
 will move mightily in this situation,
that Christina and Sol and their two biological children will be reunited TODAY
and that the adoption will be completed quickly 
and the entire family of eight will be allowed to return to their home very soon.


Michelle said...

What a tragic situation. I have goosebumps reading this and I will pray for the family to be quickly reunited and that they will all return home safely and as a new family that will grow together in God's grace. Thank you for sharing.

Linda B said...

Oh Carol, I'm sorry for this. I haven't heard anything else about it, but I suppose I might not. They are in my prayers for sure. What a tragic mistake. Thank you for posting!

Linda B said...

I'm still watching for new news Carol & this sounds promising. Thank you for sharing. They are still in my prayers!

Nanc said...

I'm very sorry for this very tragic event. Thank you for the updates and I will be praying for this precious family and God's protection. xo nanc