Friday, August 20, 2010


We had kids yesterday,
but my sons' first day of high school is today.
And I'm praying that somehow my two fellas
who had the perseverance
to get out of bed
four mornings a week,
all summer long,
for six a.m. football conditioning,
and studied
and took notes
and researched football film
and wrote
and revised
and performed songs on Garage Band
two or three hours a day
all summer long
will have somehow acquired
the school gene.

Judith Viorst
Will they let me go when I need to go to the bathroom?
And what if I get lost on the way back to class?
And what if all of the other kids are a hundred, a thousand, a million times smarter than I am?
And what if we have a spelling test or a reading test or an anything test, and I'm the only person who doesn't pass?

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Karen said...

Love your poem. I trust that your boys' first day of h.s. went well.

Mary Lee said...

And maybe they haven't acquired the school gene, but at least you know that they are capable, literate, creative, motivated boys and the real wish is that someone at school will recognize and capitalize on that!