Friday, July 30, 2010



I'd like to put a picture of a cow here, but I'm having all kinds of computer issues, so you just have to close your eyes and pretend there is one!)

It's that crazy time of year when the days of summer, which once seemed endless, are flying by (I go back to work officially on August 13th). I'm trying to get myself into that "back to school, back to homework, back to football, football and more football mode and at the same time, not be panicky about all that is not done, but instead move more slowly and savor those few remaining days… (I apologize that everything is in caps. I'm not typing in capital letters, and when I preview the entry it isn't in capitals, but then when I post it "magically" transforms. I've retyped it three times…

The End of Summer

by Rachel Hadas

Season, project, and vacation done.
One more year in everybody’s life.
Add a notch to the old hunting knife
Time keeps testing with a horny thumb.

we looked at one another in the dark,
then at the milky magical debris
arcing across, dwarfing our meek mortality.
There were two ways to live: get on with work,

redeem the time, ignore the imminence
of cataclysm; or else take it slow,
be as tranquil as the neighbors’ cow…

Read the rest of the poem here.

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Mary Lee said...


I'm chewing my cud and trying to be Zen cow-like as I appreciate the last few unstructured days.

Great poem. Sorry about your Internet. That was me last week. This too shall pass...

Irene Latham said...

I see the cow! :) I have been writing a few chapters in my wip that take place at a dairy farm, so this is rather timely. Thanks you!

Susan Nations said...

Last unstructured days...I have to be honest, I'm grateful that the structured ones are coming!