Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A HOME FOR DIXIE- Emma Jackson

OK, I'll admit it. When it comes to dogs, I'm a total pushover. Rescue dogs- even more so. And books about rescue dogs- you got me! Tonight (at the library!), I stumbled across A HOME FOR DIXIE. It's not like this book is anything really new- there are three cute puppies that don't have a mom or dad. They end up in a rescue shelter, where one of the puppies is eventually adopted by Emma Jackson, the author of the book. The illustrations in this book are beautiful photographs of Emma and Dixie (my favorite is of Emma, in her sleeping bag on the kitchen floor, laying next to Dixie, who does not want to sleep in the dark, scary kitchen, all by herself on her first night away from her sisters). The really fun thing about this book is that Emma Jackson, the author, is a middle/high school girl. Can anyone say, "Mentor text?"

When I found this book, I was with the little guy I've been tutoring this summer. In his neighborhood, people sometimes have dogs, but they don't always take super good care of them, or maybe I should say that they don't take care of their pets the way that I envision pets being take care of. G's grandfather has two big dogs in a pen in their backyard, and then two puppies that are the offspring of the older dogs. G and I read the book, then had an interesting discussion about rescue shelters, unwanted puppies and kittens, and other things animal. All night, I've been thinking about how I might use the book to help kids start some kind of a pet care movement, e.g. a spaying and neutering movement, in the neighborhood where I work. Hmmm…

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I with you, Sister xoxox Woof! :)