Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm always on the lookout for authors, artists, and poets that look and sound like the children I teach. I have struggled, a little, (and would love some suggestions!) to find Hispanic poets that are accessible to elementary kids. 

On that note, Francisco X. Alarcón is a poet I absolutely love. His seasonal collections are ones that I return to again and again. Each poem appears in English and Spanish. He has lots of strong images, deals with issues kids face (e.g. grandparents, first day of school), and also does lots of great stuff with sensory details and looking at things in new and surprising ways.  He has a new book of poems about animals that is being released the last week in July. I can't wait to read it!

Green Grass
Francisco X. Alarcón

we love
to go shoeless
on green grass

Mother Earth
loves to tickle
our bare feet.

Hierba verde
Francisco X. Alarcón

nos gusta
andar descalzos
entre la hierba verde

a la Madre Tierra
le encanta hacernos
cosquillas en los pies.

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