Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is an adult book I picked up while at the grocery store. My book club, which met for about ten years, was tremendously important to me. We had great conversations about books, but more importantly, we had great conversations about life. We celebrated- Val's grandbaby, Karen's wedding, Terri's wedding- and we also sustained each other through hard stuff. We stopped meeting about four years ago- I had adopted the boys, Terri and Karen had gotten married, Val moved to Iowa, Brenna has a crazy busy job, and Laura was travelling a lot. We still get together occasionally, but I really, really miss those regular monthly meetings.

The FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB is about a group of women who come together at a knitting shop. The main character, Georgia Walker, is the owner of the the store and the single mom to a young teenage daughter. It's a typical grocery store book- not outstanding writing, but definitely readable, what I would have called, in a previous life, a beach book (that was when I still had money to go to beaches and time to read once I got there!) There's a romance (predictable) and also a health twist. If anyone wants to read it, they are welcome to borrow my copy!

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Laura Lynn Benson said...

I am ready, willing, and passionate about keeping our book talks and our life talks on our front burner. I think we are making it happen again :)
You mean the world to me.
Lots of love, L