Tuesday, March 1, 2011


J.J. Tully is a retired search and rescue dog, planning to enjoy his retirement resting and relaxing on a farm. He is less than thrilled, then, when Millicent the Chicken (who J.J. calls Moosh) and her two chicks, Dirt and Sugar, approach. It seems Millicent's other two babies, Poppy and Sweetie, have gone missing, and Moosh wants to hires J.J. (for the princely sum of one cheeseburger) to solve the case. J.J. soon discovers that the chicks are being held by house dog Vince the Funnel (so named because he has chronic ear infections and wears a cone on his head)…

Kids, (think good second grade readers, typical third, or struggling fourth or fifth graders) are going to love this illustrated easy-to-read chapter book mystery series by much loved author, Doreen Cronin (CLICK, CLACK, MOO and DIARY OF A FLY series). Really funny, with humor that is sophisticated enough that fourth graders won't think it's baby-ish, loveable characters, and lots of twists and turns in the plot. I read this on NetGalley, so now I have to go buy it, so I can share it with kids.

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