Thursday, March 31, 2011


At 1:00, Son #1 stalks out of the bedroom, where he has been playing video games with brother and friend. "Will you take me to work out with R at 2?" he asks, in a voice that is more than a little demanding.

Despite the ugly voice, I am thrilled. This is the guy I know. The one who connects with football friends every chance he gets. The one who love, love, loves to work out.

"Sure, buddy. Where is he working out?" I ask.

"With some trainer," says my son, "It's a speed camp. You have to pay."

An hour or so later, I sit with another mom, watching him run up a hill. It's a steep hill. They run the hill. Rest a few seconds. Trot back down. Run up backwards. Rest a few seconds. Trot back down. Over and over and over again. One kid throws up in the gutter.

For the first two or three heats, my guy is at the front of the pack. After that he drops farther back. Even so, he is carrying himself in the way that I usually see only on the football field. Big. Confident. Shoulders squared. Light on his feet.

Afterwards, he talks to the coach, who calls him Big Man. He smiles, big enough so that I can see his dimple. His eyes sparkle. He asks if he can go two or three times a week to work out with R and this coach.

We have had a rough couple of months- hating school and not wanting to go. His dreams have seemed far away. Almost unreachable.

Today, it was so good to see this guy.

Today, it was so good to hope.


Elizabeth G. said...

I can feel your emotions in your post. Relief to see the son you know and sadness that you don't get to see this kind of joy and confidence all year. I hope that this new trainer and friend give him some extra daily confidence.

Letterpress said...

For some reason, I had the biggest wave of homesickness for my son #3 today--he is married and has moved across the country in the DC area. I called his cell just to hear his voice.

I know what you mean about wanting to reconnect with the son that is inside the person who we see all day long, and find again that boy we know. Mothers--we're so predictable! but ain't it great?

Glad you had a nice afternoon watching your boy. And thanks for commenting on my blog here and there--always appreciated. See you next year!

Elizabeth E.

Linda B said...

I remember earlier when you posted about the son who wanted to quit, but loved football too much. I hope this will work out. Your words were so poignant; moms do know their children, don't they? Best of wishes!

OneSunflower said...

This was definitely a post that tugged at my heart, I've been there too. I can just imagine that smile that is enough to see the dimple.