Monday, January 11, 2016

WON TON and CHOPSTICK- Lee Wardlaw

I'm still reviewing CYBILS nominees. Today's offering WONTON AND CHOPSTICK by Lee Wardlaw, is a sequel to WONTON, a story about a shelter cat and the boy who takes him home. Wonton and Chopstick is  broken into chapters, just like the original. In the first chapter, WONTON has become very comfortable in his routines.

The Routine
Nap, play, bathenap, eat, repeatpractice makes purr fect.
One day, he senses something different in the house. A new puppy has come home. And the adjustment is a little difficult.
The Surpriseputhimoutputhimoutputhimoutputhim-- waitI said him,  not me.  
Eventually Won-Ton and the intruder become co-conspirators.
You shouldn't rummagethrough the rubbishbut what's doneis done so…Let's eat!
And of course, ultimately they become friends.
Your secret revealed.What kind of name is Basho?I shall call you…Friend. 

Sweet, predictable, one that the little guys are sure to ask for again and again.

* I'm not sure why, but Blogspot is being difficult today and won't let me do line breaks. My apologies to Lee Wardlaw!

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Lee Wardlaw said...

Me-wow! Thanks so much for the review. (Line breaks can be overrate!) Purrs, Lee Wardlaw