Tuesday, March 24, 2020

SLICE #24- I miss my homies

I'm on the leadership team at my school.

Today the district came out with a bunch of information about what remote learning is going to look like when we return from what was supposed to be spring break, next week. The information included some classes that start tomorrow. We weren't sure that everyone is checking email every day, so we decided that everyone on the leadership team should call a few people.

I just finished making my six phone calls.

It took awhile.

Not because there was that much information to share.

Mostly because it was so really good to talk to the people that I usually see and talk to every single day.

R and I talked about going to the grocery store.

E and I are huge baseball fans. Last summer, he and his wife, and K, the first grade teacher and I went to several games together. Tonight we talked about when baseball might start, and dreamed of warm summer nights, and beer and hot dogs at Coors Field.

I texted K because it was starting to get late and I didn't want to call and wake her up. I shared that I had been learning from Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher every morning. She wants to check it out.

I miss my homies.

I wish we could go back to school.


Diane Anderson said...

We are out until May for sure, maybe longer. I think it’s going to be longer. We start a stay at home order at midnight in our state. Miss my school friends, too. Our last day of school was March 12. We left school thinking we’d be there the next day. We don’t know the plan yet. Our spring break covers this week and next week.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

It sounds like it was so nice to check in with everyone, even though it's not the same to have phone calls and be planning this way. (I'm really enjoying learning with Penny and Kelly every day too!)