Tuesday, March 10, 2020

SLICE 10/31- Rooney's Best Girl

A few days ago, I wrote about all of Rooney's girlfriends. 

He is definitely a fickle guy. 

And yet, in spite of all of his flings, he has one true love. 

It's my thirteen-year-old lab mix, Star.

Star is old. And chubby. And a teeny bit crochet-y. 

She snaps at him when he irritates her. 

Occasionally growls or barks. 

But Rooney fell in love with her that very first day.

And his love is undying. 

Every morning, the first thing he does when he wakes up is to hunt for Star.

And the first thing he does when we come home from school is to hunt for Star. 

Sometimes, she is asleep on the bed next to his kennel. 

Sometimes she is asleep in the bedroom.

Once in a while, she will be laying out on the back porch. 

Rooney always greets her enthusiastically. 

Sometimes too enthusiastically. 

Rooney is not exactly the greatest boyfriend. 

For starters, he has absolutely no personal boundaries.

He sits on her. 

Jumps off the bottom stair onto her back.

Lays as close as he can get on her bed. 

Drops his toys on her face. 

Drags her around by the collar. 

Pulls on her ears. 

Insists on endless games of bitey-face.

Star puts up with him. 

I think somehow she knows

she is his best girl.


Ramona said...

"She is his best girl." I love this post. You shine when you put your words into poems. And that pic of Rooney snuggled up to Star's backside is the best!

Jean said...

How wonderful that they have each other!
I love reading your posts every morning!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

This is so delightful! Star sounds pretty long suffering! A puppy is a lot for a 13 yr old dog! So sweet that Rooney always looks for her and loves her so much. Also a big yes to what Ramona said about your poem slices. I could read them all day!

Tamara said...

Thank you for writing this. To hear how Rooney and Star are loving each other fills my heart. Your writer’s craft is an inspiration to me. Often after I’ve read your post and commented, I then read it again for craft. I thought you should know. I’ve been a little out of it this week, trying to process the news and had several Carol’s Corner posts to read this morning, which has renewed my soul. It’s like a Netflix binge, but sustaining.