Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Poem #7- Mama Star

Rooney quickly decided that Star, my then twelve-year-old lab, would be his new mama.  She accepted the job, albeit a little begrudgingly.


"Mama Star"

Does not look like Mama Uma,
Does not smell like Mama Uma,
A little grumpy,
But she will have to do.
I snuggle close. 

Carol Wilcox,  2021

"From Star"
(a haiku)

I did not order
this yellow velcro buddy
send him back right now.

Carol Wilcox, 2021


Linda B said...

I like the duo perspective. At twelve, it must have been hard for Star to have an energetic puppy show up!

Jean said...

Such a poignant relationship! Thank goodness for Star!

Ramona said...

Love Star's haiku!

lawrence said...
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