Wednesday, March 10, 2021

SLICE #10- A huge and terrible loss....


The email came Monday night, while I was in a Zoom meeting.

Tina, Jeff, and Griffin 

want to let you know 

that sweet Brody took his last breath on earth 

at 12:41 pm today. 

Brody was thirteen.

He and his family live in my neighborhood, 

about four blocks west of me. 

Last June, his family received the horrible news

that Brody-



basketball player, 

cross country runner,

and Lego builder extraordinaire-

 had a brain tumor. 

He had surgery, then went through any number of procedures,

but the news just kept getting worse and worse. 

A couple of weeks ago, the family heard 

that the tumor was spreading rapidly

and the end was near.

On Monday, Brody died. 

I didn't know Brody well. 

Really not at all. 

I actually met him once last summer,

shortly after he was diagnosed,

when his dog got out of the yard

and chased Rooney and I down the street.

Somehow, though, 

when the news went out last summer,

Brody wiggled his way into my heart.

Like everyone else in the neighborhood,

I wanted to do something.

Tina's best friend, Jamie, coordinated the neighborhood response.

I bought gift cards to restaurants,

a fancy Lego architecture set

and a Nintendo controller for his birthday.

I prayed for Brody when Rooney and I walked past his middle school,

and when I drove past Dahlia Street, 

which I do every time I leave the neighborhood. 

Today, I can't stop thinking

about Brody's family.

I'm thinking about Jeff, a physician's assistant,

and Tina, a yoga instructor, 

and Griff, Brody's older brother and best friend. 

I'm wondering

how a family moves on

after such a huge and terrible loss. 

My heart is breaking for them. 


Dr. Kimberly Haynes Johnson said...

Carol, that deep grief of the loss of a child is paralyzing. So young - 13! My heart goes out to all who knew Brody!

Margaret Simon said...

Such a tragedy! I've seen families go through terrible loss and turn it to good. Years ago a family lost their 10 year old to a brain tumor. His name was Miles. Now there is a cancer center in his name that provides helpful services beyond the medical care for cancer patients. It's amazing. Every year they have a huge fundraiser where teams compete in various games. Their loss has gone from tragic to an amazing foundation that builds community and helps others. My prayer is that Brody's family will find purpose from his death, a strength to help others.

Clare Landrigan said...

And now mine as well. Sending healing thoughts to this family through you.

Heidi's Musings said...

Your writing is so powerful and really captures Brody's life and the impact of his death on you and the community. So moving. Such a tragic loss.

Eugenia Kouts said...

My heart breaks for any family that loses a loved one, but especially for a parent that loses their precious child. I will say an extra prayer tonight for Brody and his family. My heart is breaking.

Ramona said...

So sad to experience the loss of a child. Your post captures the lives touched by Brody. There will be added prayers tonight for all affected by Brody's loss. It affects so many when one so young departs.

Cathy said...

Somehow I have to think that this family feels their neighborhood wrapping their hearts around them. It sounds like you knew quite a bit about Brody. It takes a village. Somehow I think Brody's village will continue to hold this family up during a very difficult time.

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