Friday, March 19, 2021

SLICE #19- Are they ok?

 She is one of those kids whose brilliance takes your breath away. 
A straight A student.
Fully fluent in two languages. 
Articulate. Organized. Responsible. 
A kid who emails a question, 
then immediately emails again
to thank me for responding.

Her brother is also in my class. 
Not quite as strong academically,
But a super great kid.
Hard working. Respectful. Kind.
The kid who manages the chat box for me. 

Their lives are like those of 90% of my students.
Family in Mexico. 
Mom a single parent,
Recently remarried.
Not a lot of money. 
We are in a hybrid model. 
Their family has elected to stay remote. 
I've only seen the kids in person a few times.
Most recently, about a month ago, 
when I ran by their house with a Valentine present. 

Tonight, I can't stop thinking about them. 

It's because of something 
that happened in class today. 
I was reading aloud to the kids
from our district's e-book library. 
I was sharing my screen.
I don't have a fancy setup,
just a single screen
and when I project a book,
I can't see the kids. 

I'm reading along,
and all of a sudden,
I hear a string of expletives.
A man's voice yelling.
A child responding in a raised voice.
More yelling. Crying.
I don't recognize the voice,
and by the time I get my screen minimized 
to see what's happening
my kids have told my sweet
Straight-A girlie
to mute herself. 
To that point, she had been
 in full-on participation mode. 
After this, she doesn't say another word
for the next 45 minutes of class.

And so tonight, 
with the weekend looming
I can't stop thinking about them.
Are they ok?
Who was yelling? Why?
Does it happen often?
If it does, is there anything I can do?

I know I'm going to spend the weekend
worrying about them.
Are they ok?


Ramona said...

Of course, you will worry. These are the things that keep teachers awake at night and trouble our days.

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