Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Fortunately, because we have been in a drought the last few years in Colorado, we had six inches of snow in Denver on Saturday night.
Unfortunately, the snow was really heavy and wet.

Fortunately, I have beautiful shade trees in my backyard.
Unfortunately, the snow was so heavy, it brought down a huge tree-sized branch from one of those trees.

Fortunately, the dogs were not outside when the huge, tree-sized branch fell.
Unfortunately, the tree hit the power lines and pulled them down.

Fortunately, the downed power lines didn’t spark or start a fire.
Unfortunately, the downed power lines meant I had no heat or electricity.

Fortunately Xcel Energy has a 24-hour emergency hot line.
Unfortunately there were six or seven thousand people without heat and electricity, all trying to call the emergency hot line.

Fortunately, I finally got through.
Unfortunately, because there were six or seven thousand people needing help, the wait time of 3 hours was probably going to be extended.

Fortunately, it was Sunday and I didn’t have to go to work.
Unfortunately, it was Mother’s Day and I had planned to go to brunch with my mother and sister at 11:00.

Fortunately, I called after I had waited for almost six hours, because I discovered that I didn’t need to be there for Xcel to restore the power.
Unfortunately, I had already missed our brunch reservations.

Fortunately, I had finished teaching my last adult class on Saturday morning.
Unfortunately, I still had a “Training the Trainers” presentation to do on Monday afternoon from 4:30-7:30.

Fortunately, I had finished teaching the adult class on Saturday.
Unfortunately, I had spent so much time responding to their work that I had not yet spent much time on the Training the Trainers session.

Fortunately, because I had not gone to Colorado Springs for Mother’s Day
I had most of the day open to work on the presentation.
Unfortunately, I needed internet access to do it.

Fortunately, the library is open on Sunday and has free internet access.
Unfortunately, I had only gotten through about half of what I needed before the library closed at 5.

Fortunately, about 4:30 I got an automated call that my power was restored
Unfortunately, when I got back to my house, I discovered I still did not have phone service, or internet, or cable.

Fortunately, Comcast has a 24-hour hotline.
Unfortunately, you have to enter your ten-digit phone number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your Comcast account number, and your underwear size at least five times before you get to talk to a live person.

Fortunately, Comcast already had my house on an emergency list and were planning on coming out that night between 7 and 8
Unfortunately, no one showed up.

Fortunately, I had Comcast’s number and could call again.
Unfortunately, when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was mysteriously disconnected.

Fortunately, I had time to repeat the process one more time. .
Unfortunately, I had to enter my ten digit phone number, fourteen digit account number, last four digits of my social, and underwear size all over again.

Fortunately, they had an appointment available on Tuesday morning
Unfortunately, I have to proctor for PARCC and can’t take off school.

Fortunately, there are also evening appointments available.
Unfortunately, Comcast’s idea of “evening” is 4-6 p.m.

Fortunately, my principal is understanding and will let me leave as soon as the kids are gone.
Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith that Comcast will really show up. 

Fortunately, I live fairly close to a copy shop and was able to print the documents I needed for my Monday presentation.
Unfortunately, it cost over $50 to do it.

Fortunately, my power was restored.
Unfortunately, it was a temporary fix, which involved temporarily connecting my house to my neighbor’s power line, and did not remove the downed power liens from the backyard.

Fortunately, I have two great dogs to keep me company
Unfortunately, the dogs need to go outside several times each day.

Fortunately, I have a dog door and the dogs can go in and out at will.
Unfortunately, there are still power lines stretched across the ground in my back yard, which means that the dogs can’t use the dog door and every time they have to go outside, I have to put them on their leashes, and walk them around the block.

Fortunately, I found five minutes yesterday to call and ask about the downed power lines.
Unfortunately, I learned that it could be up to five days before those lines are removed from my backyard.

Fortunately, I have internet at school.
Because it’s Tuesday, and in spite of everything else, I’m determined to post my Slice of Life.


Kimberley Moran said...

I liked this post so much, I read it twice. All day long we have those fortunately, unfortunately moments. Thank God for the balance or we might go crazy. Hope things are restored to normal soon.

Tara said...

Fortunately for's always great to hear your voice, Carol, always looking for the fortunatelys.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Fortunately, you were able to amuse at least one reader with your slice of life post.

This reminds me of those "That's Good! That's Bad!" books by Margery Cuyler.

Judy said...

Here's hoping the next few days are much calmer.

latour66 said...

Have you read the book Fortunately? You just lived it!!!

Dana Murphy said...

What a great structure to use! Love this.

I have dealt with Comcast one too many times in my life. Worst customer service ever!

Keep finding those fortunatelys.

elsie said...

Oh my Carol! This was quite the Mother's Day to remember. I hope all the issues have been dealt with and life returns to normal soon.

Ramona said...

Fortunately, some things seemed to be getting better.
Unfortunately, in the next breath they were worse.
Fortunately, you brought a smile to my face.
Unfortunately, I'm wondering if those downed power lines are still in your back yard.
Fortunately, you still have a great sense of humor.
Unfortunately, Comcast leaves most of us with the same feeling.
Fortunately, your post was entertaining.
Unfortunately, we were entertained, but you were detained and distressed.
Hope things are looking up!

Mary Lee said...

You. Make. Lemonade!!

Kim Oldenburgh said...

Now that was quite a day!

Ramona said...

Just catching up on SOL from last week. I hope all is once again repaired in your corner of the world and that past week was much better than your Mother's Day weekend. What a mess!