Tuesday, December 2, 2014


“Monday Morning”

nothing sweeter than
kindergarten arms
wrapped round waist
jostling my coffee 
hugging me hello
Dr. Carol 
I practiced my reading
and my mom and I, 
we practiced the words
and I can read them
well you kind of have to help with like
cuz I get confused
at the end

well nothing sweeter
except maybe
third grade stream of consciousness hello
Miss Carol  I finished Junie B. Jones Mean Warren
and I have new boots
we went to Payless yesterday
and now I’m a big sister
because my baby brother
was born on Saturday
and I helped my mom 
even changing diapers

well nothing sweeter
except maybe
the flip eighth grader
who slows
when she sees me walking out 
a meeting in the first grade classroom
Ms. Wilcox
I moved this weekend
 We’re living at 72nd and Federal
and now I can be on time
I won’t be late to school anymore
she hesitates
then wraps her arms round me
I am surprised at this
show of affection
from this oh-so-cool little gal

Nothing sweeter
than the best job in the world. 


Tara said...

Sweetness, indeed. Moments like this fill us and keep us going, don't they? So lovely the way you structured this, Carol.

Michelle said...

Nothing sweeter. Well ... except maybe how you crafted this so beautifully!

Linda B said...

Carol, your poetic pieces fill me up, too. It was a long day today & I need to remember those nice moments from the children. Beautifully written!

Kyle said...

After yesterday with adults I needed someone like you to remind me why we do what we do! Thank you.

Tabatha said...

Happy sigh. Nicely done, Carol!

Ona said...

Love these sweet slices. Beautiful!

Nanc said...

nothing sweeter than the hugs,
the random stream,
and the slowing down to notice. xo