Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Just last week  
I drove sixty miles
through a torrential downpour
and rush hour traffic
to meet you
I cuddled and rocked you
six pounds of pure spunk
all that black hair
"She looks like Elvira,"
said the nurse
and you really kind of did

you and I
played water ballet
in pools around the world
spinning and diving 
floating on our backs
toes pointed skyward 
giggling always giggling
"Again, Auntie Carol,
let's do it again."
and we did
and again
and again

this morning
you, newly graduated,
Baylor's marketing student of the year
will get on a plane
and move across the country
set up your apartment
make new friends
find a yoga class
 then in ten days
you will start your 
first adult job
probably making more money 
than your teacher auntie 
has ever made

Godspeed, dear girl, godspeed…


Linda B said...

What a poignant poem, Carol. Oh those years do fly, don't they? She is beautiful, and sounds like a wonderful niece too. I wish her well!

Julie C. said...

Such a sweet post! I love your references to time. It really does go so fast!

elsie said...

Blink and time has gone by, you've shown this in your poem. Congrats to the grad! What an exciting time of life for her.

Dana Murphy said...

This poem gave me the goosebumps. "Just last week..." oh, so true, isn't it?? What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady! Godspeed, indeed.

Vanessa Worrell said...

This is beautifully written and brings a tug of my heart… wonderful

Tara said...

This is a five Kleenex poem, Carol. So sweet...and congratulations!

Judy said...

What a gift. I hope you sent it to her.

Ramona said...

What a lovely poem - you captured wonderful sensory details - the torrential downpour, water ballet with toes pointed skyward giggling, the rapid movement of time. Something tells me she'll be moving farther away from Aunt Carol.