Monday, May 26, 2014


My adult book club is reading Sue Monk Kidd's THE INVENTION OF WINGS. Briefly, it's historical fiction, but based on the lives of two actual sisters, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, sisters from an aristocratic family in Charleston, South Carolina. The Grimke sisters were some of the first female abolitionists on record.

For her 11th birthday, Sarah is given a slave, Hetty, also known as Handful, and the story is told in alternating chapters, by Sarah and Hetty.  It traces Sarah's grown up, her desire to become a lawyer, her father's stubborn insistence that she take on the more traditional Southern women's roles, and the choices she ultimately make. Handful is her own kind of rebellious, living as a slave, but making her own choices within those narrow confines.

As someone who loves historical fiction and love stories of strong women and women's friendships, I've thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it highly.

On the professional front, I've just finished WORD NERDS. My school is about to embark on a major academic vocabulary campaign, and I've been reading as much as I can in this area. This book, written by a college professor and two teachers, one elementary and one primary, has lots of terrific and really practical suggestions for vocabulary instruction in an elementary classroom. I've shared lots of the ideas with my teachers and they are excited to try them out.  We're in the process of deciding what words to use, etc. Stay tuned for more in this area.

Next reads: 
I was planning to buy this book sometime this summer, but last night, I was out walking the dog. Came across one of those little "take one/leave one" home libraries. Of course, I always have to check them out, and guess what I found????!!!!! Star and I will head back there today to drop off a book or two.

On the adult/YA fun front, I'm going to read RUN, DON'T WALK. It's a memoir of a physical therapist at Walter Reed. I love memoirs and feel like that's a genre that's often overlooked for YA readers, so I'm always on the lookout for books that might interest them. I checked this one out of the public library.

Can't wait two more weeks until I really have time to read!


Mary Lee said...

I listened to THE INVENTION OF WINGS. Two very different voices brought the story to life. The author's afterword was fascinating.

Three cheers for more time to read...SOON!

Linda B said...

Almost at the end! I have read Sue Monk Kidd before, but am interested in this one for a new 'adult' read, I need a bit more variety in my reading life for sure. How fun that you found your book, love that serendipity.

Tabatha said...

Wow, I need to get Word Nerds and Run, Don't Walk. Thanks for the heads-up, Carol!

Penny Jansen said...

I enjoyed The Invention of Wings but I'm especially interested in reading Word Nerds. Has it got helpful ideas for English as a Second Language?