Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Poem #23- Dog Days- Jack Black

Jack Black, with his ever present gallon jug
April is National Poetry Month. The theme I've chosen this year is "Dog Days."Almost every day, for the entire month, I am trying to write a poem about dogs. I'm kind of getting to that time of the month when it's hard going. I'm not sure whether I'm really writing poems or telling stories. I am having a terrible time with endings. Anyway, for tonight, this is all I've got.

"Jack Black"

before we went into the animal shelter
I sternly told my son
that we were not bringing home a dog
and most definitely not a puppy.
I am not sure then,
how we ended up with you
an eight-week-old
black and brown
lab rottweiler mix

you adored me
from that first day
you followed me joyfully
from room to room to room
you cried if I shut the bathroom door
each morning I woke
with you pressed against my back
not a centimeter separated us

you adored Star
followed that Houdini on many a trek
out the back gate, down the alley,
around the block to the middle school
there was that one rainy day
when I got a phone call
that someone had found you.
I retrieved the two of you
out of the back
of a gleaming black BMW
the very kind owner assured me
that a good cleaning
would get rid of all of the mud
the two of you had tracked into her car

you adored toys
especially balls and stuffies,
you knew exactly how to
find the squeakers
and tear them out
you could destroy a fifteen dollar dog toy
in about ten minutes, it's lucky then
that you were just as happy
old gallon milk jugs
and those were a little more indestructible
I'd throw them and you'd bring them back
again and again and again
"Please mom, just one more time."

you adored socks and dish towels and underwear
and ate them with unabandoned relish
only to wake hours later
groaning in pain
the first surgery, the one
to remove a .99 Walmart washrag from your belly
cost me $5000
I couldn't come up with $8000
for another surgery six months later

Jack, sweet Jack,
no one would accuse you
of being the world's smartest dog
but you sure knew how to love

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019


Mary Lee said...

Dear sweet Jack, thank you for the reminder not to self-destruct on our impulses!

Jean LaTourette said...

We had one who chased trucks...
You are writing such wonderful poems! What an inspiration you are!
Thank you.

Linda B said...

Oh, this is happy and sad all at the same time, Carol. I love hearing about Jack & his love of milk bottles, sadly other things, too. My son & daughter-in-law had a lab who got into stomach trouble with her constant eating of sticks! It was a challenge as I hear you sharing, too.

Ramona said...

Jack, sweet Jack, who sure knew how to love! I love that Jack adored you, and Star, and toys, and socks,and dishtowels, and underwear. But first, he adored you! I know you miss him.