Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So this girl?
Sweet E.
Veidy pronounced like Katie.
My grandbaby!
The one I didn't know I had until she was a year old.
In January, I went to Phoenix to meet her.
In March, I went back for part of my Spring Break.
And now she's coming here.
Next Tuesday night!
For three weeks.
And I'm so excited to see her.

I'm looking forward to walks to a close by splash pad.
The children's area at the Botanic Gardens.
The Zoo.
Time at the park.
Visits to a different park that my boys used to call the Train Park
because the Kiwanis Club has a little train that makes loops
through a model farm.
Reading book after book after book to my sweet girl.

But I have to tell you I'm a little worried.
My house is in its usual end of year state of disrepair.
Piles everywhere. Floors that need mopped. Bathrooms that need scrubbed.
My son has lots of advice.
He says our dog needs a bath.
And I had better plan on getting that done
before his daughter comes to stay.
But is not willing to help much.
Oh, and have I mentioned that
my school district is adopting
several new curriculula
for the fall, so there is lots of summer PD
between now and next Tuesday,
when Veidy and her mom arrive.
I have exactly 1.5 days off from classes.

And then there are the logistics.
I've lined up some baby paraphernalia.
High chair.
Toddler car seat.
And we definitely have plenty of books.
I wonder where the baby will sleep.
In my room or in my son's.
What she likes to eat.
What kind of lotion and shampoo and toothpaste I need to buy.

And we don't have the other stuff.
A bike.
Fat crayons for little hands.
A wading pool.

I'm worried about the bigger stuff.
Whether my son will really step up
and act like a dad.
Whether our very fragile relationship
which seems to erupt into huge arguments
several times a week
can stand this one more bit of stress.
How my other son
will react to his niece.
How my son's father
who doesn't seem to want to help
with the hard stuff
or paying for anything
but wants lots of rights
will fit into the picture.

I'm so excited to have my sweet girl come to visit.
I know it's going to love having her around.
But at the same time
there's a whole lot to do
and a whole lot to worry about
Before next Tuesday.


Diane Anderson said...

Oh, sweet little girl! It will all be wonderful!

elsie said...

Hang in there, Carol. So many of the worries will dissolve as soon as that sweet girl arrives. Enjoy every moment you can with her. It sounds like you will be very busy every moment you are not at school.

Tara said...

Love just wraps around the whole lot of worry when we most need it to. I imagine your time with this lovely child and it makes me smile. How lucky she is to have you in her life!

writekimwrite said...

Yes, yours are very valid concerns but my prayer is they will be negotiated well. The love and memories you get to build with this precious grandbaby will make MORE than make up for them! What an exciting adventure! As always, I know you will rest in the very sure knowledge of where your hope and help come from. Blessings, Carol!

author amok said...

What an exciting time, Carol. You're going to have a wonderful visit. Thank you for sharing the photographs of your grand-baby!

Ramona said...

Oh, I know you're so excited to have your granddaughter visit. It's countdown time at your house. Nothing like a scheduled guest to provide motivation for those home duties. I'm hoping for my grandson's arrival by Tuesday also. We'll see. Thanks for the book recommendations. I don't know either title, so I'll be checking them out. Happy grandmothering!