Monday, July 20, 2015


Today is my first day back to school. OK, not really, but with three days of training this week, then four days each of the next two weeks, then starting back for reals, this feels like summer is over. Seems like a good day to post a couple of quick reviews of some new-ish, school-ish picture books.

Charlie thinks his dog Norman is living the good life. Norman thinks Charlie has the better end of the deal. Charlie wishes he were a dog and the next morning, guess what? After a week of switched roles, Charlie decides he doesn't like drinking out of the toilet or being locked out side, and Norman doesn't like listening to stories about cats, so the two switch back. Predictable but fun. Add this one to your point of view basket.

Mr. Panda has some doughnuts he would like to share. However,  his friends,  Penguin, Skunk, and Whale don't seem to have the manners to ask politely for a doughnut, so Mr. Panda doesn't share with them. Short, with a repeating refrain, great addition to any preschool or kindergarten manners unit. Also, it looks like there is a bilingual edition of this book, which always makes me happy!

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