Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem #24- Amazon Rainforest

Cloud Forest- Ecuador, by Hjvannes, found on Wikimedia Commons

Oxygen rich planet
Amazon rainforest gift
 Lungs of mother earth


Red eyed tree frog

Orange tamarin

 Yellow keel-billed toucan

Green anaconda

Blue morpho butterfly

Indigo poison dart frog

Violet crowned woodnymph 

Rainbow of the rain forest!


Mary Lee said...

Okay. Now it's YOUR turn for a picture book! Your Rainbow of the Rainforest is BRILLIANT!!

Linda B said...

Gorgeous, Carol, the 'lungs of the earth'. I've seen two in my life, was in awe of the growth (especially compared to Colorado).

Amazon Workshops said...

Love your rainforest poem! I shared it with the educators who will travel with us to the Peruvian Amaazon this summer as an inspiration for linking the rainforest to the classroom! Thanks!

Christa Dillabaugh
Education Director, Amazon Rainforest Workshops.