Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Slice of Life

I was awake at three this morning.
Why, you ask?
Well, because today is the day that my first born is coming home.
He went back to school in early January and I haven't seen him since.
But tonight, at 9:16, his plane touches down
and he'll be here
for 12 whole days.
And I cannot wait to give my great big guy
a great big hug.

In the meantime, I've kept busy worrying all day.
  • What if he forgets and leaves the air conditioner on?
  • What is he does turn the air conditioner off, but doesn't take the trash out, so that the whole apartment stinks when he goes back?
  • What if the airport shuttle doesn't come?
  • What if the shuttle does come, but he doesn't answer his phone, and misses it?
  • What if he gets on the shuttle, but doesn't get off at the right terminal (do they have different terminals in Phoenix?)
  • What if he gets off at the right terminal, but has problems with the ticket, because it was bought with my credit card, not his?  
  • What if they have his ticket, but he forgets something critical, like his I.D., and can't get on the plane?
  • What if he gets his ticket, but then accidentally leaves something important, like his computer, at airport security (if you have read my blog for awhile, you know this is not totally unfounded!)?
  • What if he can't find his gate?
  • What if he finds his gate, but the flight is cancelled?
  • What if he finds his gate, and the flight isn't cancelled,but then he falls asleep, or puts his headphones on, and somehow misses the plane?
  • What if we can't find each other at the Denver airport?
And on and on and on, all day long.
I have called him, a few too many times, I think,
judging by his tone of voice.
But, you know what?
4:15 came. And he texted me that he was on the shuttle bus.
And then a little after 5, he made it through ticketing.
Before 5:30, he was at the gate (with his computer in case you are wondering).
And then a few minutes ago, he called and said they were starting to board.
In a couple of hours he will be here.
I think I'm going to take my book and leave for the airport.
Because it's been six months.

And I can't wait one minute longer.


Linda B said...

I guess (for sure) you won't be reading this, but know that I'll spend the evening thinking about you, & then you with your son. Happy Times, Carol!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

So sweet...all those worries and what ifs, and then they are here and walking into one's arms. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

writekimwrite said...

And by now...he has arrived! Oh Carol I feel your joy because I know your heart for your boys. May all your worries disappear even if they happen! May the reconnecting be delightful, too!

Ramona said...

It's so exciting when they come home, even for a short visit. You captured all the worries we have as parents, and I love your ending! Enjoy your visit with your great big guy.

Karen said...

Enjoy every moment of your precious 12 days back together with your son. It is such a mom thing to worry about whether they will make their way back to us successfully. The worst/best thing I discovered when our oldest studied abroad in Spain was (I think that's it) -- it tracks their flight and shows you a map of where they are. Still using it to this day.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Nanc said...

So glad he made it...everyone together, even for a short time will be so great. I love all your 'what if's'. That is definitely the way I usually think too. xo