Saturday, December 19, 2009


Friday. The last day before Christmas vacation. Ten year old D. stops by the library to return A DOG'S LIFE by Ann Martin. He hands the book to our librarian then stands for a minute. Gretchen is not sure what he wants.

"Do you need a new book for vacation?" she asks.

"No," D. says.

Gretchen notices a ribbon bookmark sticking out of the book. She opens the book to hand it to him. "No," says D., "I want it to stay with the book." The ribbon, one that D probably got in class, says EXCELLENT. "It goes with this book," D. declares. He asks Gretchen if they can tape it into the book so it will be sure to stay there. Gretchen obliges then D shows her a review he has written.

Today I read A DOG'S LIFE. This book is the most amazing book I have read so far in my life. This book is mostly about a dog and her life. This now old dog that has been named many names is now Addie, and has been through many hard things. Addie has lost her brother, mother, and friend, Moon, but Addie has not lost hope, and has not lost her soul. Today I've finished this amazing book and hope I can find this book again and keep it instead of borrowing it.
And that is why I became a teacher.


Mary Lee said...


Good to have these reminders often enough to keep us going through the rough times...

Patrick A. Allen said...

Ah, the hope... that's what matters. Thanks for sharing with us, Carol!

Amy said...

That is precious! Exactly why I'm going back to school to be a children's librarian. Thank you for sharing that!

Karen said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing.

p.s. Had lots of fun with Cybils!!

Laura Lynn Benson said...

Here, here! I am so with YOU :)