Friday, July 3, 2020

Poetry Friday

 I'm that crazy person who plans my Fourth of July week around fireworks. Fireworks at the Rockies games, fireworks at Civic Center Park, fireworks in different municipalities around the Denver metro area. I'm a little sad, then, that this year there are not going to be many displays, only two that I know of, anywhere close to Denver, and I probably won't get to see either of them. This poem is an oldie but a goodie in honor of what should be a special day. 


A far thud
Then the rocket
Climbs the air,
A dull red flare,
To hang, a moment
Invisible, before
Its shut black shell cracks
And claps against the ears
Breaks and billows into bloom
Spilling down clear green sparks, gold spears,
Silent sliding silver waterfalls and stars.

Valerie Worth

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Mary Lee said...

I loved fireworks when we drove over to the high school and watched the volunteer fire department deploy them one by one from the football field. Semis would pull over on I-70 to watch. Later, when I was grown up and mom was too old for the bleachers, we went over to Evelyn's house in that new "subdivision" across from the high school and watched from her back yard with snacks and dessert afterward. So civilized.

Ricky said...

gamot sa sipon ng baby
singaw medicine
gamot sa sakit ng ulo