Monday, November 4, 2019


I'm kind of embarrassed to admit, ok, so maybe this wouldn't surprise anyone who knows me, but I am a little nosy. I love knowing the details of people's lives, for instance, what the Rockies' have on their inboard flight menu, and where the actors from the performing arts center stay while they are in Denver. SCIENTISTS GET DRESSED, then, was a book that was made for me.

The book features photographs (some of them foldouts) of approximately twenty different kinds of scientists at work, everything from astronauts to neurosurgeons, to astronomers, to forest canopy biologists, to paleontologists, to volcanologists, to raptor biologists. Each is accompanied by two or three paragraphs of description about what that scientist wears when they are at work.

End matter for this book is super fun and super creative:
  • Photos tell Science Stories- ten questions a person could ask when looking at a photograph of a scientist at work, 
  • If You Were a Scientist How Would You Get Dressed
  • What are scientists jobs called?
  • You Can Be a Citizen Scientist
  • A two page spread on scientists' gloves 
  • Vocabulary list
  • An interview of marine biologist, Eric Hoffmayer
A book I think lots of kids are going to enjoy!

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