Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Okay, I'm just going to admit it, flat out.

I love to go to the movies.

Not watch movies at home on my couch.

I rarely do that.

I love to GO to the movies.

I love paying for my ticket.

Buying a bag of popcorn (small, a little butter please, and yes I count the WW points).

Choosing a seat (toward the back, on one end).

Turning off my phone and settling into the story.

I don't get to go to the movies nearly as often as I like, during the school year.

So when I am on vacation, and when my friends are enjoying warm and exotic places like Tucson and Cancun, I go to the movies. Most of the time, I go by myself, which is totally fine with me.

Yesterday, I went and saw GREEN BOOK.

GREEN BOOK, in case you haven't seen it, is the story of Don Shirley, a concert pianist, set in the early 1960's. Shirley booked himself to do a concert tour in the Deep South, then hired Tony Lip, a bouncer from the Bronx, to be his driver and protector. The title of the movie comes from the a travel guide that African American people used to find safe places for food and lodging in the South.

The movie won the Academy Award, a couple of weeks ago, for Best Picture. Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor. There is some controversy around the movie , which was actually written by Tony Lip's son, but whether or not those things are true, it was still a really good story.

I loved it.

I love going to the movies.


Diane Anderson said...

Glad to read this. My sister and I go to movies a lot. Maybe we’ll get to this during spring break.

Celia Fisher said...

Yes, I've heard of this movie and my daughter has seen it on a plane! But I'm sure it would be a lot better at the movie theatre! Thanks for the recommendation!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

I miss going to the movies! Someday in the future hopefully that will be a regular part of my life again. This is a movie I'd really like to see.

Chris said...

I have Green Book on my movies-to-watch list. You are just like my husband - he LOVES going to the movies. Even if we go right after dinner, he buys a large popcorn. So much fun!