Saturday, February 11, 2017


Twice a year, I participate in the #pbtenforten, where people share their favorite ten picture books. During the summer, it's fiction picture books. Every February, it's nonfiction. 
This year, I'm sharing a group of picture books that blend poetry and nonfiction. 

Freedom Over Me
This 2016 Newbery Honor Book was one of my favorite CYBILS nominees.
Poems told from the point of view of slaves about to be sold.
Definitely for older readers. 

Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph
by Roxanne Orgill, illustrations by Francis Vallejo

Somos como las nubes/We Are Like the Clouds
by Jose Argueta, illustrated by Alfonso Ruano

Fresh  Delicious: Poems from the Farmer's Market
Poems by Irene Latham, Illustrations by Mique Moriuchi

Now You See Them, Now You Don't
by David L. Harrison, illustrations by Giles Laroche

The Alligator's Smile and Other Poems
by Jane Yolen, illustrations by Jason Stemple

When the Sun Shines On Antarctica
and Other Poems About the Frozen Continent
by Irene Latham, illustrated by Anna Wadham
also Dear Wandering Wildebeest by Irene Latham

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep
April Pulley Sayre, illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow
by Sharon Gibson Palermo, illustrated by Christina Song

Write Me a Poem series
Valerie Bodden
This four book series delves into different tools the poet uses. 
A nice addition to any elementary library. 


Tiny Teachers said...

Thanks for all the poetry book suggestions... lots of new books I can't wait to look at!

Mary Ann Reilly said...

Somos como las nubes/We Are Like the Clouds is a favorite. I love Groundwood books. This is such a thoughtful list that you have curated. I love the idea of combining poetry and nonfiction. I look forward to reading the ones I don't know yet.

Mary Lee said...

Great collection!

Cathy said...

Well this was a dangerous stop. Poetry and nonfiction are like peanut butter and chocolate! I'm off to make a couple of purchases. I wanted to include Freedom Over Me on my list too. I couldn't decide its genre, but I LOVE this powerful book. I actually purchased it in digital AND print formats. #bookproblems

Thanks for joining the conversation, Carol.

Mandy said...

I made a box of nonfiction poetry but you just doubled it's size! I see some familiar authors but the titles are all new to me. Thanks for taking the time to rewrite your post and join us in celebrating nonfiction picture books!

Tammy and Clare said...

We love these hybrid texts and can't wait to read Freedom over Me. Have you read Where in the Wild by David Schwartz? It fits in your collection