Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Every week I tell myself I am not going to be a late Tuesday slicer. I'm going to write my slice over the weekend. Or at least on Monday night. I am not going to write it Tuesday night.

And yet, pretty much every Tuesday night, I'm sitting in front of the computer trying to write a slice at 9:00 Colorado time, very aware that the clock is ticking, and I only have an hour, and then it will be too late to slice. Sooo, umm, what should I write about this week:

1) My Christmas fit bit. Today I walked 11, 033 steps. Pretty sure that is the most I have walked so far. I had a four day 10,000 step streak going, but then the dog had surgery and I lost my walking partner, and then it got really, really, really cold and blizzardy and it was hard to think about walking outside. The day after I got it, there was a thing on the news about how fitbits really don't help you lose weight. And I can't figure out how to sync it to my computer.

2) The boys- it's been a pretty bumpy stretch. I wonder if we will ever get past this. Or if things will ever, ever, ever get better. Not much I want to say publicly beyond that.

3) School-- The kids came back yesterday, and I was really really really glad to see them. I love being a teacher. I walked 11, 033 steps today, and about 10,000 of that was at school.

4) Hobbies- I really want a new hobby this year. Something that has nothing to do with words. And involves creating. But I don't know what.

5) Dating- I keep thinking maybe I will join a computer dating service. About a month ago,  I actually filled out a questionnaire. But I didn't pay anything. But they still send me 16 perfect matches every day. Except all of my perfect matches seem to be Olympic class skiers. Or candidates for the pro gold tour. Or spend their free time hanging off the side of cliffs.  And they all own motorcycles. And have lots of discretionary income to jet off to lots of exotic places. And even though I said that currently separated was a deal breaker (in my mind, that's the same thing as still married), two thirds of the pictures they send me are in that category. So maybe I don't want to date…

Slicing. I really am going to do it before Tuesday night some week…


Teach.Workout.Love said...

Fit bits are great !! I love mine

Kristi Lonheim said...

Better late than never! I sometimes get into the same mind set, "If I am late, why bother?" I then realize that the act of writing is more important than a clock. There are circumstances that arise and I chose to interact with people instead of slice. And the list goes on. I'm glad you sat down to share some thoughts (and I am sorry dating is something you are pondering right now - ugh!)

Ramona said...

I'm a Tuesday night slicer most of the time too, Carol. I like the way your summed up several aspects of your life with a few well-chosen words. Hang in there with the fitbit! And congrats on all those steps!

Red Emma said...

I was a whole 24 hours late this week. Usually, if I don't make it by midnight, I just give up. But you touched on quite a lot here, any one of which could spark a good slice for next Tuesday. Good luck, and we'll probably meet up here again at 11:45 p.m. next week. Good luck with the boys, and with dating.