Sunday, May 29, 2016

I LOVE CAKE- Tammi Sauer

Rabbit, Porcupine and Moose are friends. Rabbit is good at being boss, Porcupine is good at having fun, and Moose is just a big, bumbling, kind of a guy. On Rabbit's birthday, she invites her two friends to her house for a party. The friends jump on the trampoline, and play pin the tail on the chipmunk, then it's time for cake. The cake, however, seems to have gone missing. And Moose is covered in frosting in cake crumbs! Uh-oh!

A silly, joyful friend book the little guys are definitely going to love!

Review copy provided by publisher.

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Linda B said...

I just found this at the library last week, and loved it! Glad you like it too, Carol!