Saturday, December 12, 2015

MAINE COON'S HAIKU by Michael Rosen.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a dog lover, all the way.
I can definitely take them or leave them. Mostly leave them.

This week, however, I ran across a book that almost made me reconsider my opinion. The MAINE COON'S HAIKU AND OTHER POEMS FOR CAT LOVERS includes twenty haiku about different breeds of cats. The book is divided into four sections- two "Inside" and two "Outside." Each section includes haiku about five different breeds of cats.   Here are three of my favorites (but there were at least ten more I could have easily included!) :

Maine Coon
crouched before the couch
suddenly, cat has all night
for just one sound: mouse

curled up on your book
cat won't care what happens next
now's the only page

Turkish Angora
whooshing down the hall
Angora, then her all-white
dust devil of hair

End notes include factual information about each breed. Lee White's illustrations, some in two tones, some more, fit the book perfectly.

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