Thursday, September 17, 2015


When people ask me where they should go for children's literature titles, I always tell them about the CYBILS awards. In case you are new to my blog, the CYBILS are books nominated and chosen by book lovers- teachers, librarians, authors, and parents. The first two weeks in October, people nominate books for more than a dozen different categories-- fiction, nonfiction, speculative fiction, poetry, book apps, etc. Books are also separated by elementary and Young Adult. Starting in mid-October, panels of judges start reading-- last year I was on the Elementary Nonfiction judging panel and read over 100 books published in the last year. That panel chooses 5-7 finalists to pass on to the second round judges, who are charged with the difficult task of choosing one winner. You can get the lists of finalists and the winners from the CYBILS website here and you will be set up with reading material for the next year.

Earlier this week, the CYBILS judges for this year were announced. I've done elementary nonfiction the last couple of years, but this year I will be switching over to poetry. I'm super excited to be working on a panel with some really heavy hitters in the poetry world! I know I will learn a LOT! Here are the other first and second round Poetry judges:

Nancy Bo Flood

Irene Latham

Jone Rush McCullough

Margaret Simon

Tricia Stohr Hunt

Sylvia Vardell

Linda Baie

Diane Mayr

Heidi Mordhorst

Laura Shovan

To see the CYBILS judges for other genre, click here


Author Amok said...

Hi, Carol. Congratulations on making the move to the CYBILS poetry team. I'm grateful for all of the work and reading that the first round judges do. Looking forward to talking about poetry books with you and all of the others judges.

Mary Lee said...

Congrats and have FUN!!