Friday, March 27, 2015


bird’s nest graces

and half a world away
lost soul slams plane
into mountain range
and robs world
of joy and love and gifts
one hundred fifty others
might have left

and yellow daffodils
purple crocus
pink hyacinths
green grass
dash color
against earth
that has been
brown and white
for months

and crazed killer
carves girl baby
out of pregnant mama’s womb
and senator-minister
defames name of God
with remarks
that surely
do not reflect
Abba Father’s
loving heart

and six-year-olds giggle
at toes and underwear
black dog knows boundless joy
when leash comes out
spinach white cheese pizza
leaves slightly garlicky taste
on my tongue

and empty rooms 
echo silence
and the ache
in my heart
is endless
and there are no tears
left to cry

And I wonder
how so much perfection
and imperfection

can co-exist


Crystal said...

It's an amazing slice. It's hard for our minds to process all of that. I've had similar thoughts, but you've expressed them clearly and powerfully.

Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski said...

Wow. Extremely powerful piece. Your last sentence is something I wonder too. The story of the pilot crashing that plane with high school students, among others, on board has been an especially difficult story to accept. So much sadness and evil and so much love and beauty. Have to keep believing love wins. Thank you for writing such a thought-provoking piece.

Diane Anderson said...

We all are trying to process all of this. Your writing expresses the struggle eloquently. May Abba Father's loving heart comfort your aching heart.

Unknown said...

amazing piece! I love the visual contrasts with fonts and locations to go along with the tone. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful slice today!

Linda B said...

It seems harsher today, but after reading history, I know that this question has been asked so often. How can there be joy when there must be so much grief? Hugs again, Carol.

Nanc said...

I'm thinking God is wondering the same thing today. I think the contrasts in this are extremely powerful. And is was really really hard for me to read the right side. xo

Jone said...

Carol, this is incredibly moving. You expressed my wonderings about this world. As a 93 year old told me today, putting trust in the Lord is what has kept him going. Having trust and love is sometimes all we have at the end of the day.

elsie said...

Your poem gave me chills as I read each stanza. My heart aches for you and the others who are victims of senseless destruction. You are such a gifted writer.

Michelle said...

Wow. This was beautiful and really make you wonder. What is going on in our world?