Thursday, June 13, 2013


 WOOBY AND PEEP by Cynthia Liu

Wooby and his pet goldfish live in a peaceful, ordinary, (ok, maybe a little dull) neighborhood. Wooby has a 547-year-old tree (do not lean!) in his backyard. He has a favorite flowing fountain and a prized petunia patch. And that is just the way he and his neighbors like it.

Then Peep moves into the neighborhood. Peep is not quiet and ordinary. She throws wild parties. She is rambunctious and a more than a little accident prone. And she wants to be Wooby's friend.

I loved the message about friendship and differences in this book. I also loved, loved, loved the busy, captioned (think Scaredy Squirrel or Henkes X10) illustrations.  This one will be a sure winner with primary kids, but I also think intermediate kids are going to love the humor.

RIBBIT - Rodrigo Folguiera

Another great new picture book about an unlikely addition to the neighborhood. A group of frogs wake up one morning to find a large pink pig sitting on a lily pad, ribbiting, in the middle of their pond. The frogs are a little undone by the pig, and go off to consult a wise old beetle about their problem. They return to find that the pig has decided to take on a whole new group of friends…


Finally, my favorite friends, Gerald and Piggie, are back with a new book. Piggie finds a ball. A big guy takes it away from her. Gerald is determined to solve this injustice, until he sees how big the "big guy" actually is. 


Linda B said...

I have that latest elephant & piggie, Carol. Love them all. And that Ribbit just looks hilarious. Thanks!

Mary Lee said...

Great collection! Check out ODD DUCK by Sarah Varon. Sounds like it would pair nicely with WOOBY AND PEEP.