Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last night my son had drivers' ed for three hours. Right after rush hour. About 45 minutes south of our house. Some people might have have thought, "Hmm, it's only about ten days until Christmas," and seized the opportunity to travel to a conveniently located shopping center and do a little shopping. Others might have thought, "Hmm, it's only about ten days until Christmas and I haven't sent out any cards." And they might have gone to a local coffee shop and addressed cards. Not me.

Instead, I took the opportunity to head to the closest bookstore and peruse the children's section. And I was really glad I did! Just look at this new treasure I found! THE 3 LITTLE DASSIES is an African version of the Three Little Pigs. Mimbi, Pimbi, and Timbi (rodent-ish creatures kind of like prairie dogs or ground hogs) set out into the big wide world. They build huts of grass, wood, and stone, but soon encounter the Big, Bad Eagle, who threatens to "flap and clap and blow their houses in." Two of the dassies end up in the eagle's nest, and have to be rescued by a classily dressed lizard, Mr. Agama Man.

The illustrations are classic Jan Brett, with a story, but then a whole other subtext going on going on in the sidebars. Brett created the book after a visit to Namibia, and I especially loved her use of African textiles-- the color, line, and design are absolutely gorgeous!

And there's even a readers' theater!

A must have for your folktale collection!

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