Saturday, November 13, 2010


This morning, I ran by the library to pick up some new CYBILS nominees. I noticed DANCING WITH MAX on the "New Books" shelf. And picked it up. And have not read many CYBILS books today.

DANCING WITH MAX is by Emily Colson, daughter of Chuck Colson. Emily has a son, Max, who has autism. DANCING WITH MAX is a story about their lives. Max is a little quirky. He has been known to take his swimming trunks off in the pool. He loves to go to convenience stores to look at the refrigerators and other appliances. He removed the seats from an old Audi and placed them in his living room.

But Max is also an incredibly pure hearted, loving, joyful soul. His mom, Emily, has done an amazing job capturing that joy, as well as some of the life/God lessons that she has learned in this book It's a really beautiful story- one that made me laugh and cry. It also really spoke to me about the nature of love and God and caring for each other. I want to buy it and read it again and underline parts that I loved.

DISCLAIMER: This book is written by an Evangelical Christian and has a decidedly Christian bent. If that is uncomfortable for you, you might not enjoy this book, but I loved it.

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